Millennials. We love our pets. We spend a lot of time and money on pet food, health and accessories. And, recently I’ve noticed the same trend spreading to plants.

Plants are the new pets.

I first noticed this on my trips to Home Depot when I was working at La Colombe (fast/creative innovation often means jury-rigging, but that’s a story for another time). I noticed that the outdoor section was full of young people. It was way more “Millennial Mamas” and less “Gardening Grandmas.”

When I moved to San Francisco, I discovered Flora Grubb Gardens, my favorite place to spend a weekday afternoon. People are buying exotic plants and succulents for their homes and offices, along with handmade ceramics and high-end soil to display the greenery. Plantfluencers have emerged to help millennials with outfitting their homes with greenery.

In an increasingly anxious world, greenery provides calm, relaxation and joy. Plus, it’s way easier to take care of a plant than a dog or a cat. There a number of startups catering to this new generation of “plant parents”. Here are my favorite ones:

  • Back to the Roots: one of the pioneers in the grow your own plant world. Originally known for their mushroom kits, Back to the Roots now has easy-to-use windowsill gardens
  • The Sill: perfect if you don’t want to grow the plants from scratch. You get “teenager plants” and can nurture them into adulthood(and old age, if you’re lucky)
  • Modern Sprout: the prettiest one(also the most expensive)
  • Bloomscape: the latest plant subscription to raise capital. Very similar to The Sill
  • Sunday: if you’re lucky enough to have a lawn and you live a clean/natural life, you’ve got to extend that to your outdoor space. Toxic fertilizer right in our background is arguably worse for us than eating a non-organic apple.

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