As a beauty investor, I’m always thinking about the demands that society places on women (and increasingly men) to look good. This week, I attended the Indie Beauty Expo in Los Angeles, California, where beauty & personal care brands show-off to buyers, investors & influencers. Walking through a beauty convention, it’s really hard not to wonder:

Will these products make me beautiful? Am I pretty yet?

I have to force myself to take a step-back from my own experiences and ask myself, does our culture need these products? And, is this beauty business a good investment?

What I do love about beauty & personal care is that with the right founder, products and mission, brands can help individuals feel great about themselves. That’s what I get excited about in beauty & personal care. Whenever I evaluate a brand in this category, I take a step back and ask myself, does this brand build the confidence of its consumers? One tagline that’s trending right now is something along the lines of “Love the Skin You’re In”. If a brand does that, I get excited.

After two days of walking the Expo, here are my 10 takeaways and some brands that stood out!

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  1. Less is more. Brands like Everyday Oil are helping people realize that they don’t need a 25-step routine.

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Product obsessed. People focused. Easily intrigued. Rarely impressed.

Product obsessed. People focused. Easily intrigued. Rarely impressed.